The whale
# 4


Tooty, a Mastodon web client

Tooty is an alternative multi-accounts Web client for Mastodon written in Elm by Nicolas Perriault. I've been using it since the beginning on Mastodon and I love it! You should check it out ;-)


Whimsical help you collaborate on your ideas visually

Whimsical is a collaboration tool that helps you do flowcharts, wireframes, sticky note exercises, and more. The starter offer let you create up to 4 free diagrams and it's only 10$/user/month for unlimited diagrams.


Test your sysadmin skills

This project contains examples of test questions and answers that can be used during an interview or exam for positions such as *nix System Administrator.


Refactoring UI

Learn how to design awesome UIs by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer's point-of-view. A project by Adam Wathan and Steve Schoger.



Gitcoin is an open source bounties platform on the Ethereum blockchain. It facilitate a space that allows open source developers to get paid for their work contributing to open source projects and in return, the open source projects get exposure to a vast community of hard working developers they might not have had otherwise.


JavaScript for designer

Tired of being the "designer that doesn't know JavaScript". Dave Martin, currently designer at Wildbit, made this course for you.


The Complete CSS Demo for OpenType Features

A comprehensive CSS font-feature-settings demo for OpenType features.


Complete guide about favicon

Audrey Roy has written this cheat sheet favicon sizes/types on her GitHub account to help your website shine in society.



The developer festival organized by developers! All about Mobile, IoT, Web and Cloud presented by experts from around the world for one of the largest technical conferences.

Oct 18th, 2018 → Oct 19th, 2018

Cité des Congrès, 5 rue de Valmy 44000 Nantes, France

Øredev is the perfect blend, with one day of in-depth pre-conference workshops and three days of sessions, you will get tons of inspiration and learning to keep you creating your best work all year long.

Nov 19th, 2018 → Nov 22nd, 2018

Malmö Mässan, Exhibition & Conference Center, Malmö, Sweden



Django developer

Walk AS One
PO BOX 5296 Augusta Maine 04332, USA

Walk AS One is looking for a Django developer to work alongside an architect, project manager, and other developer(s) / designers. The new web app will involve integration with third parties (such as Fitbit) and will be hosted on AWS or similar service.

Webdesign & Front-end dev

Reddit anounce

We need help to create a new web design for our small law firm, build it on WordPress, and help us transition an existing domain and to the new site.


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