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Hello everyone,

As I said in previous newsletter, I'm currently reading some book to discover VueJS. If I understood correctly, the key concept of this type of JS framework is the use of reusable components. But today, the modern Web API has evolved to the point where you don’t necessarily need a framework anymore to create reusable components.

So I'm wondering, why spending time to learn VueJS if I can do the same with standard web components? And why framework/library like React, VueJS, Angular are so popular?

Is it worth the cost of learning a JS framework in 2019 or should you invest your time in learning standard web components? I don't have the answer to that question, but if any of you have an opinion on the subject, I'd be very interested to know it.

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Laravel Nova

Nova is a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel. Carefully crafted by the creators of Laravel to make you the most productive developer in the galaxy.



Generate a large collection of real faces to design your prototype.



Complete courses about the best tools and design system. 17 courses (React, Vue, Swift, ScreenFlow, Cubase, Sketch ...), more coming.



Gotify is a simple server for sending and receiving messages. You can send messages via a REST-API, subscribe/receive messages via a web socket connection and manage users, clients and applications.



Hasura is a PaaS with BaaS components. It helps you deploy your custom code written in any language and framework.



Create and share beautiful images of your source code. Start typing or drop a file into the text area to get started.



A JavaScript library that can upload anything you throw at it, optimizes images for faster uploads, and offers a great, accessible, silky smooth user experience.


Is input type=”date” ready for use in accessible websites?

HTML5 introduced a series of new input types for use in forms. One of these – input type="date" – was intended to simplify the collection of dates, and to reduce user errors whilst doing so. So in the 10 years since the proposed introduction of this element, is it well supported in browsers? Post written by Graham Armfieldy



Steem is an application-specific blockchain tailored for fast and functional social apps. It's a decentralized and Open Source blockhain protocol currently powering multiple social apps like



PostGraphile automatically detects tables, columns, indexes, relationships, views, types, functions, comments, and more — providing a GraphQL server that is highly intelligent about your data, and that automatically updates itself without restarting when you modify your database.


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PyData conferences bring together users and developers of data analysis tools to share ideas and learn from each other. The PyData community gathers to discuss how best to apply Python tools, as well as tools using R and Julia, to meet evolving challenges in data management, processing, analytics, and visualization.

Jul 12th, 2019 → Jul 14th, 2019

London, UK

AMstack_conf_london is a conference for web developers, directors, managers, and agencies who are interested in the next evolution of modern web development architecture. Talks are professionally curated into a single track to maximize value. You are sure to walk away better informed, better connected, and truly inspired!

Jul 9th, 2019 → Jul 10th, 2019

London, UK



Full-Stack Senior Web Architect

Natural Health Sherpa
100% Remote

Natural Health Sherpa is hiring a full-time, senior, full-stack, brilliant, business-savvy web architect / web developer with heavy big data experience in the direct-to-consumer e-commerce space. It’s a full-time, 100% remote position with a flexible work/vacation schedule as lifestyle is hugely important to our company.

Full Stack Engineer

New York, USA allows Remote

We're hiring talented Full Stack Engineers who want to build ambitious products using modern tools. "Full Stack Engineer" can mean many things. At Postlight, it refers to a person who can build entire front end web applications and deploy complex services to the cloud that support those applications.

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- Leonardo da Vinci


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