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Hi everyone,

Have you ever thought about what your dream job should be?

I'm not a careerist, I don't need to exercise power over others or become a millionaire.

As for me, I think that if a job gives me the following points, I would get closer to the perfect job:

  • Have a maximum of autonomy (time, tools, decision, choice ...)
  • Build something useful for other and the planet
  • A job that gives me time off (part-time)
  • Financially viable

I think I'm lucky to work in the web industry because internet is a great environment to achieve these points. It's not easy but I know it's possible and it gives you the motivation to imagine your "perfect" job.

And you, what could be your dream job? I would be happy to hear your point of view :-)

Avatar  Gilles Vauvarin


Conditional CSS class rendering in Vue.js

When it comes to CSS class binding in Vue.js you have multiple options. You could just write just styles and classes inline. Post written by Nico Meyer.


Anonymous web authentication with Stellar blockchain

Learn how to use the combination of signed transactions and JWT tokens to authenticate users from a pair of cryptographic keys that identify the blockchain user. Post written by Viktor Sokolov & Sergey Nebolsin


Trix editor

Trix is an editor for writing messages, comments, articles, and lists—the simple documents most web apps are made of. It features a sophisticated document model, support for embedded attachments, and outputs terse and consistent HTML.



A high-productivity, flexible web framework for the Go language.

Make your site’s pages instant in 1 minute and improve your conversion rate by 1% Before a user clicks on a link, they hover their mouse over that link. When a user has hovered for 65 ms there is one chance out of two that they will click on that link, so starts preloading at this moment, leaving on average over 300 ms for the page to preload.


Giraffe Academy

Giraffe Academy is the place to be if you want to learn web technology online. Mike Dane makes an amazing work on his website and Youtube channel to create the highest quality and entertaining educational content on the internet.


Moment JS

Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times in JavaScript.



Submariner connects Kubernetes clusters together, no matter where they are in the world!


Progressive Web Apps

This Progressive Web Apps training shows you how to convert web pages to PWAs. The course is dedicated to beginner-to-intermediate web developers who are comfortable using HTML, CSS, and have modest facility with JavaScript.



Hexo is a fast, simple and powerful blog framework. You write posts in Markdown (or other languages) and Hexo generates static files with a beautiful theme in seconds. Lot of plugins and themes available.


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IPFS Camp is a 3 day hacker retreat designed for the builders of the Distributed Web. Join the core developers for a hands on experience packed with workshops, lectures and deep-dives.

Jun 27th, 2019 → Jun 30th, 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Brigthon Ruby Conference is a friendly, single day, single track event for Rubyists and the Ruby-curious.

Jul 5th, 2019

Brithon, UK



Software Engineer in Test, Web and Mobile Applications


Okta is looking for an experienced Software Engineer in Test that is passionate about testing large-scale, mission-critical software in a fast-paced agile environment. The ideal candidate will be partnered with the Devices Team to share our passion and great pride in the simple elegance and usability of our solution. Okta Engineering strongly believes in automated testing, UX design and an iterative process to build high-quality next generation software. 

Web Developer Backend (PHP)

Hamburg, Germany

As a Web Developer Backend PHP you work in a cross-functional team within our central technology department. Your team develops and operates the stack used by our games. Additionally, you support and consult the integration of new games into our stack.

Artwork by Marco Rop
If you lose your mind to follow others, you will lose many great things in your life...

- Yulia Lipovka


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