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Hey there,

The weather was not good lately so I spend all my week-end binge watching YouTube and Netflix.

I started the new season of Black Mirror (thanks Marco to let me know) and I would admit that the first episode is pretty good. If you are a gamer, you should like it.

I also discover a nice French manga called "The Lastman" with a crazy story like you only find in manga.

That's all for Netflix.

On YouTube, I've been completely fascinating by guys building primitive things with natural materials they find in nature. Check this out by tipping "Primitive skills" and "Primitive technology" in your YouTube search bar.

Enjoy watching videos and don't forget to leave your screen time to time to get outside ;-)

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An Introduction to Web Components

In this article, Caleb Williams will discuss why Web Components are a great tool to deliver high-quality user experiences without complicated frameworks or build steps and that don’t run the risk of becoming obsolete. In subsequent articles of this five-part series, we will dive deeper into each of the specifications.



Simple & light weight (2kb minified & zipped) vanilla javascript plugin to create smooth & beautiful animations when you scrolllll! Harness the power of the most intuitive interaction and make your websites come alive!



The open source multicloud control plane. Workload portability across disparate environments, clusters, regions and clouds. Choose your flavors of cloud!



Flatpickr is a lightweight, powerful JavaScript datetime picker with no dependencies.


Fuse JS

Fuse.js is an open source project and a popular JavaScript fuzzy-search library written and maintained by Kiro Risk.


A JavaScript-Free Frontend

Slimvoice - A Webapp Without JavaScript is a series where Matt Reyer documents how he rebuilts his app, Slimvoice, using as little JavaScript as possible. He has tagged this series with JavaScript to present JavaScript alternatives and encourage those who reach for a SPA for every project to give it a second thought.


Getting started with PostCSS in 2019

In this post Emmanuel Yusufu explains how to use PostCSS to let you improve your front-end workflow in 2019.



Sonic is a fast, lightweight and schema-less search backend. It ingests search texts and identifier tuples that can then be queried against in a microsecond's time.



Veonim is a simple modal IDE built on Neovim and VSCode extensions. The goal is to create my ideal programming environment.



Griffith is a React-based web video player. It makes streaming easy. Whether your video format is mp4 or hls, Griffith can use Media Source Extension (MSE) for segment loading.


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This event is about software and want to bring back to the core of agility developers, testers, and all the people who get their hands dirty building products that work, making users happy and companies profitable.

Jul 3rd, 2019

Milano, Italy

The EuroPython conference series was initiated by the European Python community in 2001 and started with EuroPython 2002 in Charleroi, Belgium, as the first major Python conference entirely run by volunteers.

Jul 8th, 2019 → Jul 14th, 2019

Basel, Switzerland



Front End Web Developer

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Working collaboratively with the Integrated Marketing & Communication team and schools, colleges and departments, this position plays a primary role in the design and technical development of websites, campaign landing pages and other digital marketing components. The Front-end Web Developer brings the latest in industry trends to projects and processes and ensures that the highest quality of standards is met throughout every phase of the creative and production process.

Front-end engineer

Blue Cargo
Paris, France

Blue Cargo is looking for a great JavaScript developer who is proficient with React.js. You will be part of the dev team.

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All Earthquakes and Disasters are warnings; there’s too much corruption in the world.

- Aristotle


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