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Create your CRUD API with one click.


The perfect responsive menu

On a desktop, websites have the space to show the full menu, but on a mobile device that space isn't there, and you want to hide the menu behind a toggle (like a hamburger icon) and show it when people click that toggle. How do you offer both in an accessible way that keeps your HTML simple, without duplicating your menu? That's what the perfect responsive menu does.



Who is this for? For website developers that use Hugo and want to make the content of their static websites easy to edit, all for free and without having to pay for a server. For content editors that want to manage content of small static websites using a sleek user-friendly interface.

Hypothesis brings an open conversation over the whole web. Use it right now to hold discussions, read socially, organize your research, and take personal notes.



Running web apps is time consuming and error-prone. Keeping your system up-to-date and secure is a full-time job. Cloudron lets you focus on using the apps and not worry about system administration. Cloudron comes with a free plan.



SlickStack is a super easy way to setup WordPress servers that are lightning-fast, created by LittleBizzy.


JAMstack WTF

JAMstack is revolutionising the way we think about workflow by providing a simpler developer experience, better performance, lower cost and greater scalability. This simple guide will help you understand why it exists and how to get started.



Thermal is open-source desktop application allows you to manage your Git repositories at one place by providing a simple to use graphic interface with built-in features like commits, history, repository settings and more.



GitFiend is a Git and cross platform client designed for humans. It gives you the power of Git without the panicked Stack Overflow searches. It's quick, uncluttered and intuitive, while still being packed with the features you need.



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