The whale
# 7


TipTap, a Vue reach text editor

tiptap is a renderless rich-text editor for Vue.js


Newsletter Hunt

Follow your favorite newsletters : Newsletter Hunt allows you to create RSS-like feeds from your favorite newsletters.


Introduction to Firebase

As a mobile developer, using a back-end as a service (BaaS) platform can help you swiftly implement your ideas. Firebase has all the key features you need for rapid prototyping and quickly testing out your ideas. Read this introduction to Firebase tutorial written by Deepthi Bhattachar.


Accessibility cheat sheet

Practical approaches to Universal Design for making your website/webapp accessible to everyone.


Meet Alva

Alva lets you design interactive products based on components engineered by your developers. And guess what – it's entirely open source.


Customise radio button

Hui Jing explains in this post how to customise radio buttons without compromising accessibility.


PDF.JS library

A general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering PDFs.


Sublime Merge

Sublime Merge is a new Git client, from the makers of Sublime Text.



Take part in the exploration of the React (Native) universe! Focusing on in-depth talks, hands-on workshops, and finding new opportunities, React Day Berlin conference provides space for everyone to make friends and develop stellar apps together.

Nov 30th, 2018 → Nov 30th, 2018

КOSMOS Karl-Marx-Allee 131A, 10243 Berlin, Germany

A holistic conference about the future outlook for front-end and interfaces in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nov 13th, 2018 → Nov 15th, 2018

Copenhagen, Denmark



Full stack engineer

Open-Up resources
Portland, OR, USA

We are seeking a Full-Stack Engineer. Our organization is driven by our social justice mission to put high-quality curricula in front of as many students and teachers as possible. If you’re a user-focused full-stack web developer, and you’re looking to join a nonprofit that improves learning experiences for kids and educators, we’d love to hear from you.

PHP Lead developer

Paris, France

You master object-oriented programming with PHP as well as MVC design patterns. After a successful development experience, you want to lead a technical team and improve your management skills. You must be fluent in French.

Frontend engineer

San Francisco, CA, USA - Remote team

Crunch is seeking talented, motivated engineers to join our fully remote team building interactive data applications. As a part of growing front-end team, you will work with four experienced JavaScript developers and two designers constantly improving our users’ experience...


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