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A lightbox that works in all modern browsers with images, videos, iframes and any kind of HTML, has support for CommonJS and AMD, a simple API and zero dependencies.



The unobtrusive JavaScript framework for server-side web applications. Unpoly enables fast and flexible frontends while keeping rendering logic on the server. It has no dependencies and plays nice with existing code.


Setting Up Your Webcam, Lights, and Audio for Remote Work, Podcasting, Videos, and Streaming

Matt Stauffer shares with us some precious advises in this post to set up your equipment for podcasting and streaming.



Open source mobile client for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket and Gitea, built with Flutter.



Beluga is open-source software for creating your own ecommerce site. Built with React, Node.js, and using Stripe for payment processing.



Open source alternative to Algolia? Typesense is an open source, typo tolerant search engine that delivers fast and relevant results out-of-the-box.


Old CSS, new CSS

Here’s a history of CSS and web design from 90's to 2020 written by Eevee.



Graphical SFTP client and terminal emulator with helpful utilities.


JavaScript algorithms

A repository for All algorithms implemented in Javascript (for educational purposes only).



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The whale is a list of links curated by Gilles Vauvarin and published on different supports. This list is dedicated to web developers who need to be up to date with what happen on the web and are curious to discover new tools and resources to try on their next project. The whale highlights tools, resources, articles, formations, jobs and web conferences.

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