Technological monitoring for web developers


I've launched The whale for several reasons:

  • I wish to share my own technological monitoring online instead of storing it in my Firefox bookmarks and thus help other web developers to digest a part of the mass of information scattered across the web.
  • I need a real small project to test and learn how to make a website with the new version of Kirby, my current favorite CMS.
  • I wish to build a web developers community for a long time.
  • I would like to have an audience in order to present and get some feedback for my future indie hackers projects.


The whale is built on top of amazing tools which I strongly recommend for your own projects:


Let me introduce myself


Hi, I'm Gilles Vauvarin the founder of The whale. I'm living between the Leman lake and the french alpes mountain in a little town called Thonon les bains.

I began my career in the world wide web as front-end developer then over the missions I became back-end developer and finally freelance web designer.

Today, I work part-time for several customers in the public area and develop web application. I spend the rest of the week thinking about new project and building side project like Confdays or The whale.

I'm a web workers since 1994. At that time I spent my time chatting on IRC, Netscape was my main browser and I was proud to have a Caramail email address.

But things has changed since that time! Internet has grown exponentially and the amount of information and technology available has become impressive.

But don't panic, The whale is here to help ;-)

For any feedback, please contact me at


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Join the web developers community


The whale is a list of links curated by myself and published on different supports. This list is dedicated to web developers who need to be up to date with what happen on the web and are curious to discover new tools and resources to try on their next project. The whale highlights tools, resources, articles, formations, jobs and web conferences.

Oh! and last but not least, despite the similarity of the logo, The whale has nothing to do with Docker container or Twitter.


The whale is a place where I regularly post curated link of resources for web developers.